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Exhibitor Caravans on Stoneleigh

Exhibitor Caravans on Stoneleigh

We have only today recieved confirmation that we have limited availability for Exhibitor Caravans on Stoneleigh.
The booking and management of the site will be carried out by the Association.
Anyone wanting to book, please email the secretary at “”who will forward a booking form giving full details.
The site will be available from 8am on Tuesday 30th up to 12 noon on Monday 5th September.
We are grateful to Jilly & Charles Holgate who have agreed to act as Wardens for the site.
Please be gentle with us and have patience as this is the first time we have managed our own caravan site.

Show Caravanning Facility

A number of our caravanning exhibitors have reported that they have been told that there is no caravanning available at the showground this year.

We were given to understand that although there may be a change of location, there will be a site available.

Since hearing this news we have been in negotiation with the showground to negotiate a caravanning facility.

We will be making an announcement very shortly regarding the details of the arrangements, but are confident a facility will be available.

Thank you for your patience in this matter

Judging Borzoi and Deerhounds

We were sad to receive news from Mr Robin Spencer that he has had to withdraw from his appointment to judge Borzoi and Deerhounds at our forthcoming show. Robin has an ongoing, and we hope temporary health issue that he feels would hinder his judging.

Borzoi will now be judged by Mrs G Grist, and Deerhounds by Mrs S Platt.

WE thank these two ladies for stepping in at short notice, and we wish Robin a speedy recovery