City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show

Stewards Needed

Anyone who would like to steward at City Of Birmingham 2024 show, can you please send me message with your email address. I will send the appropriate forms to you.

Stewards Needed

Also we are calling to all YKC members this your moment to come and experience the stewarding and be with someone who is an experienced steward and learn the trade! You never you know you might like it! So give it a go! Plus you get paid too!

Also, just little gentle nudge for those who have not yet replied, can you please let me know if you are able to steward for us at this year’s show.

Many thanks


Chief Steward

If you can offer a day or two to help and steward at our championship show this year?

⚫️ £20 per day for each steward

⚫️ Steward 3 days or more and recieve a free caravan pass

Email –

City of Birmingham Champ Show