City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show

COB Support Team

Traditionally praise is given after the event, but I thought we should recognise those that have pledged their support for the show, starting of course with 6692 exhibitors and their dogs.

Over 100 judges and 80 stewards will give fantastic support ensuring that you all have a fantastic show., the helpers and volunteers that give of their time to provide a safe environment for you the exhibitors, whether it is distributing catalogues, greeting you at the entrance to the show, answering your questions, collecting results or looking after your judges and stewards.

Give a thought to the Committee and show team who have spent an enormous amount of their time before the show in preparing for the show, attending meetings and daily discussions.

A Thank You to all those people would not go unnoticed, but most of all Thanks to you the exhibitors for your support



City of Birmingham Champ Show